Public and Stakeholder Outreach and Engagement

One of the objectives of the project is to reach a wide variety of neighborhood residents, property and business owners, community groups, commuters, and other stakeholders with a vested interest in the project area. To accomplish this objective, public and stakeholder outreach and engagement opportunities will occur throughout all phases of the project, in order to create enthusiasm and build consensus among key stakeholders within the corridor and the broader project area. Engagement opportunities include:

Charrette 1 – Vision, Goals and Objectives, and Purpose and Need

As part of the project, a three-day stakeholder charrette was held at the end of September / early October 2015. At the conclusion of the charrette, a public meeting was held to gather additional input from interested parties. Highlights from the charrette and public meeting included engaging the public and stakeholders in identifying issues, confirming the goals and objectives along with the purpose and need for the study area, and explaining how the vision for the project connects to broader community goals.

Charrette 2 – Urban and Transportation Design Options

A three-day design charrette was also conducted in mid-November 2015. Both consultant teams for the 3rd and 4th Street Improvements Plan and the 3rd & 4th Street Corridor Plan worked cooperatively over the three days to refine designs and test new designs for the potential transportation concepts and land use recommendations in response to stakeholder feedback. Again, at the conclusion of the three-day design charrette the concepts and ideas that were generated and refined throughout the week were presented during a public meeting.


Chattanooga Department of Transportation